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The Dan & Sam Serenity beds are a luxurious range of ultra-soft, anti-anxiety, donut beds. Designed to be not only aesthetic, but the perfect haven for your pet.

With high bolstered walls and warm, soft plush, the donut shape is ideal for pets that love to curl up, snuggle in or rest their heads.

Perfect for anxious dogs and cats as it reminds them of their mother’s comfort, helping them feel safe, protected, and secure.


Reasons to love:

  • Ultra-soft, long, and fluffy plush for your furry friend to snuggle up and relax in.
  • Machine washable to ensure your pets bed remains hygienic and to increase its lifespan
  • Voluminous, plush filling that won’t flatten and sag
  • High walls for your pet to snuggle up into, reminding them of their mother’s comfort
  • Aesthetic colours and design to fit into any household
  • Anti-slip base for added stability


SMALL Size: 55 x 20cm

SMALL Sleeping Size: 40cm

LARGE Size: 75 x 25cm

LARGE Sleeping Size: 45cm


Gentle machine wash 30 degrees using mild detergent. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat.

CAUTION: Whilst every care has been taken, colour transfer may occur particularly if wet. KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE

WARNING: This is a pet product, keep away from young children. Regularly check the bed for wear and tear and replace if damaged or parts become detached. Pets can chew items unexpectedly, seek veterinary attention immediately if any material is ingested by your pet. Please retain this packaging for future reference.

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