Zoomies - Walkies Deja Poo Waste Bag Holder

Zoomies - Walkies Deja Poo Waste Bag Holder

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When your dog does a doody, you’ve got to do your duty. May as well do it in style with a Pawfect Pals Deja Poo Waste Bag Holder!

Made from the same high-quality neoprene as our harnesses, these lightweight and versatile dog waste bag holders make cleaning up after your dog easier than ever. Simply strap the gold clip to your matching Pawfect Pals lead, and you’ll always have a waste bag on hand when Deja Poo strikes again!

BONUS: Each Deja Poo Waste Bag Holder comes with a roll of 15 eco-friendly waste disposal bags.

This Pawfect Pals Waste Bag comes in our Zoomies - Walkies design. Are zoomies your dog's fave pastime? Then this one's for you! Whether they occur around the house, when they arrive at the park or meeting a new friend, zoomies encompass the pure joy our dogs feel in their hearts. Featuring a timeless black and white colour palette accented by golden paw prints, this cute design celebrates your dog's love for walkies in style!