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Yellow Infinity Bumper Sticker

Yellow Infinity Bumper Sticker

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Show the world how much you love your pets with one of these amazing Bumper Stickers, they are great for putting on your car window, car bumper or even on your laptop! 

The stickers consist of three layers, the top layer is called the application tape, it allows you to transfer the sticker to the surface you want to stick it to. The next layer is the sticker itself & then the bottom layer is the backing paper, the adhesive underside of the stickers rests on this. 

When you get your sticker, the colour may be masked somewhat by the application tape on top of it, but don't worry, it will look find once the application tape is removed.

Application for these are quite simple. It is simply a matter making sure you are working with a clean and dry surface, then you will peel off the backing paper and stick the application tape and the sticker where you want to apply it. Rub over the application tape to get the sticker to stick to your chosen surface.When you remove the application tape only the sticker will remain.

White/Pink/Yellow/Green/Silver is best for Car Windows. Purple/Dark Green/Brown are best for laptops or on the car panels. 

Dimensions: approx 14cm wide x 8cm high. 

Colour: Yellow

* PLEASE NOTE colour may look different from what is seen online * 

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