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Vet's Best

Vet's Best Advanced Mouthwash Foam

Vet's Best Advanced Mouthwash Foam

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Founded by a veterinarian, Vet's Best have your pet's health as their number one priority. Vet's Best products are scientifically formulated using natural, plant-based ingredients - so no need to worry about harsh chemicals. Vet's Best produce a range of dental products, grooming supplies and natural supplements for pets.

An easy alternative to liquid rinses, the Vet's Best Mouthwash foam is an innovative product that enables you to directly apply mouthwash to your dog's teeth and gums. With an oxygenated foaming enzyme formula and the addition of geranium, peppermint and clove oil, this mouthwash freshens breath and helps to reduce plaque.

  • Foam mouthwash for dogs
  • Helps maintain clean teeth and freshen breath
  • Safe and non-toxic; no need to rinse

Directions: Squirt a small amount into your dog's mouth and gently massage the gum line. 

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