“Terrazzo” Cuddle Bud Dog Bed

“Terrazzo” Cuddle Bud Dog Bed

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The ultimate pet bed for those that love to cuddle!

Support your dog's sense of safety and security with a divine design that moulds to your furry friend's shape, so that they can feel comforted and cuddled even when you're not by their side. With a similar purpose to a calming bed, our Cuddle Bud Bed is designed in a way that allows the pup to be comfortable in the bed, whilst easing their anxiety and supporting their sense of calm, without becoming too hot, which is perfect for our Aussie pups! 

The bed is made from velvet for a luxurious look and feel. It is a cool fabric, suited to our Australian fur-babies, and is designed to deliver the ultimate snuggling experience in the cold winter months and also keep them nice, cool and comfy on those hot summer days.

Our bed covers are 100% washable! All you have to do is unzip the zip and take out the insert which makes it super quick and easy to freshen the Cuddle Bud Bed up for your beloved pup.

When choosing a size for your pup, make sure to look at the measurements and measure them up in your house for what suits. Some pups like little beds whereas others like to spread out, so keep this in mind. The recommended breeds are based on what sized pup would most likely easily fit comfortably in the bed. If you are unsure, it's usually better to go with the bigger size.

Small: 75cm in diameter
A great sized bed for all small breeds and some medium breeds

Large: 100cm in diameter
The biggest and best!
Perfect for a wide range of breeds!
From the big pups to even the littlest ones that like to stretch out