Rose Poop Bag Holder | Royal Fur Kids

Rose Poop Bag Holder | Royal Fur Kids

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The Rose Collection Poop Bag Holder is a joy to behold, covered in gorgeous double cupped roses on a blue sky background. 

Never forget your poop bags again! Always be equipped for your next adventure.


  • Perfectly fits one roll of standard poop bags (first roll included)
  • Easy-glide zipper closure
  • Clasp to attach to our leash or harness
  • Rubber Royal Fur Kids dispenser
  • Can also hold treats, loose change and keys
  • 8cm x 5.5cm x 5cm

This Poop Bag Holder clips onto the D ring of our matching Leashes and Harnesses. 

Royal Fur Kid's Poop Bag Holders comes with bags, ready to go!