Puppia Pet Umbrella Lead

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Forget about bad hair days and wet dog smell with the Puppia Pet Umbrella White. This clever dog umbrella doubles up as a lead and is so easy to use by simply attaching it to any dog harness or collar. Simplay attach with the metal clip and away you go on your walk. Featring a span of 74cm and a 25cm chain length, the Puppia Pet Umbrella White features a study handle which allows you to control the angle of the umbrella while you walk, acting as your leash handle also. The Puppia Pet Umbrella White is suitable for pampered pooches of 6-7kg. 


  • Attaches to any harness
  • Umbrella acts as a lead to while being used
  • Sturdy handle lets your control the angle of the umbrella
  • Chain length 25cm
  • Suitable for dogs weighing 6-7kg