Poop Bag Holder - Pink Champagne

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Poop picking in style

Who hasn't experienced the moment when your fur baby left a little surprise on the major intersection while people's eyes were glued on you and you just realised you forgot to take a poop bag with you?

Or remember those crunched up, plastic poop bags wrapped around your leash? 

Send these memories back to the stone age by using your trendy Halo Pet Crystal poop bag holder which is designed to impress. This little stylish vegan leather poop bag holder is easy to securely attach to your colour matched Halo Pet Crystal Leash.

Each poop bag holder comes with two rolls of poop bags made from lightly scented biodegradable material, so it doesn't cost the earth.

Now you will be looking forward to picking up your pet's surprise in style even if the entire world is watching.