Poodle Black Resin Keyring - Emily & Woo

Poodle Black Resin Keyring - Emily & Woo

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Want to rep your dog ALL THE TIME? These keyrings are MADE FOR YOU.

This cute and happy Poodle keyring will make your day (and your outfit) complete. They are perfect for a gift for any dog lover.

These keyrings are lovingly designed and made in Brisbane from high grade epoxy resin in handmade moulds. You won't find another piece like this.

Due to shortages of available findings, your keyring chain may be rose gold, black or silver. If you have a preference please make a note at checkout and we will try to accommodate.

NOTE: Each batch of resin is custom coloured and therefore colours may vary between items and cannot be guaranteed. While we do have strict quality control, due to the handmade nature of the item, there may be small inclusions and imperfections, including colour displacement and pigment spots - which just adds to the handmade unique nature of the item.

Resin Jewellery Care Instructions

- Resin jewellery is pretty hardy but can be fragile. To ensure your new jewellery lasts a long time please note the following:
- Drops/Scrapes - avoid sleeping in your resin jewellery or using anything abrasive on the surface. To ensure you do not scratch the finish, clean with a microfibre cloth.
- Water - do not immerse the jewellery in water. This can dull the surface of the piece and also detach the glue.
- Sunlight - store your piece out of direct sunlight. Overexposure to the light may cause the piece to discolour and soften.
- Chemicals - do not expose your jewellery to harsh chemicals including perfume, hair spray, cleaning items, hand santiser or alcohol. Some chemicals react with epoxy resin and cause it to discolour and become brittle.