Low Suds Shampoo

Low Suds Shampoo

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Petway Petcare Low Suds Shampoo a naturally based low sudsing, water saving cosmetic shampoo concentrate. Initally developed for use is drought affected areas and for those who practice water conservation as it requires less water for rinsing. It may also be used in vacuum type systems. Contains plant derived cleanses that brighten whites and highlights natural coat colours. It leaves a superb coat finish and a unique floral spice fragrance very similar to our Pink Shampoo, that leaves animal smelling lovely and clean.

More Information:

  • For use on animals
  • Concentrated formula
  • Formulated using pure deionised water
  • Naturally based
  • pH balanced
  • Soap Free
  • Free of phosphates, parabens, sulphates and enzymes
  • Low allergen
  • Highly bio-degradable
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Requires less water
  • Not tested on animals

Directions for use:


  • Shake well before use;
  • Wet animal with fresh water;
  • Apply shampoo to the coat, as required and work in thoroughly with fingers to develop a rich, cleansing lather;
  • Lightly rinse off;
  • Towel or blow dry;
  • Brush/comb coat;
  • Be careful around eyes.