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The health of the teeth and gums can have a huge impact on the comfort, wellbeing, and quality of life of your dog, and yet many dogs begin to show the first signs of dental problems in the first few years of their life. Help keep your dog's teeth in tip-top condition and protect their winning smile with this Oral Care Kit for Puppies.

Specifically designed for puppies, this convenient kit offers everything you need for daily oral healthcare. The kit contains a TripleFlex brush which boasts bristles on three sides so you can scrub away plaque from all angles for faster and easier cleaning. The Brushing Gel included also assists in gently yet effectively preventing plaque and tartar from building up in the future. This kit is so effective, you should be able to see cleaner teeth in just 30 days or less — when used daily and as directed.

  • Convenient kit contains everything you need for daily oral healthcare
  • Specifically designed for puppies
  • TripleFlex Toothbrush features three sides of bristles for faster removal of plaque and tartar
  • Brushing Gel gently prevents plaque and tartar build-up on the teeth
  • See cleaner teeth in 30 days or less when used daily and as directed