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Australian Animal Oral Care



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Natural Insect Repellent

Our Natural Insect Repellent developed especially to prevent bites and infestation.

100% natural and blended using all human grade, highest quality Essential Oils.

Excellent to use at home and when outdoors during flea & tick season.

Directions: Shake bottle before use. Spray all over your dog prior to going outside, Reapply as needed. Rub in around neck area as bugs love this area!

Avoid Eyes, cover with hand before spraying 

Shield eyes if spraying directly onto Dog

Remember a dog's sense of smell is 30x more than humans - do not overuse !

Repeat every 2nd day as prevention

Ingredients: Distilled Aqua, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lavender, Cedarwood, & Geranium Essential oils

50ml & 125ml 


Prevent Insect Bites, and Infestation

Gentle, safe and effective formula for dogs and even yourself

Hand blended in small batches

100% Australian made and owned

100% natural, pure, organic, ethically sourced and Australian Essential Oils

Unique blend of Essential Oils specific for insect repelling.

Developed by Dr Cesar Vargas

Use sparingly. A little goes a long way!
Keep away from eyes, not for oral use.

Available in 50ml and 125ml

Refills available so keep your bottles please and just order a refill 

Made in Melbourne with 100% Aussie ingredients 

Packaged in  recycled plastic made in Melbourne 

Sustainable & Recycled Packaging made in Melbourne 

Wholesale orders available

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