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If you love or own one of Indie Bono’s Mexican Skulls' pet beds, then this matching blanket is for you. Indie Boho has thrown everything into this lively fiesta-guitars, cacti, sombreros and a good dose of hot chillies, creating a print that is once again, proudly their own.

The fabric is oh-so-velvet-like and soft and will ensure your pets have the cosiest sleep possible. With a generous size of 120x130cm, it is big but not too heavy for our smaller cats and puppies. 

This Mexican Skulls blanket complements our Mexican Skulls pet beds. 

*PLEASE NOTE* the design of this blanket changed in August 2019, the product images here are current but some model images may contain the pervious design. 

Machine washable. Size approximately 130 x 120cm.