LickiMat Soother Tuff

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Calming stressed-out doggos down is all in a day's work for the Lickimat Soother Tuff Slow Feeder Mat.

This seriously tough mat is here to help. Just smear your dog's favourite wet food onto the Soother...and let your dog do the rest! The LickiMat Soother's textured surface forces your dog to lick it to get their food. Did you know licking releases calming endorphins into your dog's system? In no time at all, your stressed pet will feel calmer...and totally distracted from whatever was worrying them in the first place. Genius!

  • Made from thermoplastic rubber – it’s non toxic, food safe, stronger than silicone – and it’s recyclable too!
  • The LickiMat Tuff Soother is stronger than the LickiMat Soother, making it ideal for puppies or dogs who love to chew
  • Smear wet food or something yummy onto the LickiMat Soother's textured surface. Your dog will need to lick the mat to enjoy their food
  • Licking helps stressed pets chill out by releasing calming endorphins into their system. It also keeps your pet from getting bored by giving them a complex task they'll enjoy
  • The LickiMat Soother is also ideal for doggos who chomp their food way too fast. It forces them to spend more time easing, which is better for their digestive system
  • The textured surface of the LickiMat scrapes bacteria from the tongue for a healthier mouth and fresher breath
  • Hand wash recommended – clean with hot water, detergent and a brush
  • With the LickiMat around, your pet will never be bored again. Take a look at the rest of our range!