Lamb Puff Crispies - (60g) - Loyalty Pet Treats

Lamb Puff Crispies - (60g) - Loyalty Pet Treats

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Snap Lamb Puff Crispies with your fingers into small pieces, let them crunch with their teeth.

Whether you want this beautiful Lamb treat as a reward or a snack there is no doubt it is alluring to cats & dogs.

A feeling of excitement and heightened interest, the aromatic aroma and intense delicious taste of Lamb Puff Crispies says it all in the name. This is the perfect treat, certainly not boring. 100% pure lamb lung cut into varying sized slices.

It is the perfect treat for stuffing in your interactive enrichment dog toys.

Loyalty Pet Treats Lamb Puff Crispies are non-greasy, safe in your pocket or treat pouch. There is no need for refrigeration they are totally shelf stable.

They won’t leave your hand stinking or greasy when handling them.

Made from locally sourced 100% Australian pure lamb, and manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats from start to finish.

Not all lamb treats are equal there are many poor-quality treats available. Loyalty Pet Treats has achieved a quality that no other will surpass for our quality, smell, taste or nutrition. We process and sell the safest most healthy meat-based pet treats in Australia.

You don’t need to have a disgusting stinky and or greasy treat to entice your dog or cat, we just don’t get why people still think the foul smelling the better! That is just wrong, times have changed, and the health of your dog or cat is our NO1 priority. Our pets have evolved so why put them at risk. Loyalty Pet Treats quality proves all those believers of stinky works best are wrong. Dog & cat treats should have a pleasant & enticing aroma and be safe to handle by you and safe for your pet to eat and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Nutrieseal™ is the far more advanced way of drying meats & offal’s to ensure that the full nutritional value, natural flavours and aromas are preserved. The reason is simple, “Nutrieseal™” it is such a unique way of dehydrating product that we have a patent on it. It is owned by Loyalty Pet Treats, it is exclusive to Loyalty Pet Treats, that is why we are so proud of the product we produce.

At Loyalty Pet Treats we choose NOT to Google a generalised nutritional analysis on any of our products. This analysis is done individually on LPT products at NATA registered laboratories. Our report validates the effectiveness of our Nutrieseal™ process. This analysis is not applicable to any other form of drying on lamb lungs.

Lamb Crispies
Protein 76.7%
Fat 7.1%