Succulent Medley | Pet Travel Towel

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Succulent Medley is an Indie Boho original and long-time favourite design for many. It comes in all of their bedding and travel products and is now available in a matching quick-dry towel. They chose a lush lilac colour for this towel, to hide dirt / fur better and to make it more fun, like a beach towel!

Indie Boho's pet travel and bath towels are so practical, the whole family will love them! They are ultra absorbent, quick-drying, lightweight and compact (they'll hardly take up any room in the wash or your bag). Best of all, sand and fur will shake right off these when dry, unlike terry towels that everything sticks to. 

Keep one for bath time and another for outdoor adventures. The unique strap makes them easy to hang anywhere or pop them in the waterproof satchel. 

Size: 130 x 80cm 
- fur won't stick to the towel. No more dog hair through the wash!
- quick-drying (4 x faster than regular bath towels)
- super absorbent to dry off fur effectively
- double-sided reversible print. 
- compact and lightweight
- comes in a waterproof satchel or use the unique built-in strap
- machine wash in cold water and line dry