Furwear - Self Clean Slicker Brush (Small)

Furwear - Self Clean Slicker Brush (Small)

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FURWEAR - Self Clean Slicker Brush (Small) keeps your furry friend looking their very best. This self-cleaning brush is suitable for small dogs and cats with most coat types, especially medium and long haired coats. Due to the fine wires, gently guide the brush in the same direction as your dog's coat to not cause any breakage. This aids in detangling and removing loose fur and undercoat. Remember to take extra care around sensitive areas, such as ears, stomach, legs and genital areas. Routinely remove fur from brush while grooming by pressing the release.

Use the Furwear Self Clean Slicker Brush before and after bathing, but only when the coat is dry. Using on wet coats could scratch the skin. Because of the fine wires, it is important to be cautious when brushing dogs and cats with short haired coats.