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The Flossy Grinz from Rogz is a chewy ball with a big, cheesy grin that’s kinda infectious!

The Flossy Grinz’s rope arms and legs give your dog even more to chew, and make the Flossy Grinz easy for you to pick up and throw, as well as ensuring it flies off at all kinds of weird angles when it hits the ground. The Flossy Grinz also squeaks when your dog squeezes it, making this toy pretty much irresistible.

But even more importantly, the arms and legs of the Flossy Grinz are textured, so while your dog’s having heaps of fun playing, they’re actually flossing their teeth and cleaning their tongue! The result? Fresh breath, squeaky clean teeth – and one happier, healthier dog! It’s no wonder everyone’s smiling…

  • Chewy, rubbery ball with rope arms and legs that clean your dog’s teeth and tongue as they play
  • Rope arms and legs make the Flossy Grinz easy to pick up and throw to your dog
  • Bounces and flies through the air erratically, creating a challenge for your dog
  • Squeaker inside encourages play
  • We think your dog will love these Rogz toys! 

Available in Small, Medium or Large & in 3 colours.