DYEX Dog Hair Dye - Lemon Yellow

DYEX Dog Hair Dye - Lemon Yellow

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Made in Japan. 


One of the most popular hair dyes for canines.

DYEX is a non-bleaching color for your canine friends, it will not colour over black hair, DYEX has been used on cats, guinea pigs and ferrets without any known side effects. 

DYEX is 100% dog-friendly, classified as semi-permanent, but it can last longer on some coats more than others (less time in very short coats, and longer in coarse type coats). If it takes to hair well then the dye will fade and grow out in about 6 months. 


  • DYEX needs to be used on a clean coat - pets must be washed first. 
  • Pour the required amount of DYEX into a bowl and apply evenly with a tint brush (you will need to purchase this separately). To prevent patchiness it is important to apply the dye right to the hair roots rather than just to the surface of the hair. 
  • After application comb dye through the hair.
  • Wrap coloured hair in aluminium foil if needed use plastic hair clips to secure. 
  • Leave at room temperature for 15 - 20 minutes. Leave it longer if a brighter colour is desired. 
  • Rinse using warm water, thoroughly rinse the coloured area. Use a mild shampoo to carefully wash hair until the water runs clear. Complete by using a conditioner if required.
  • Towel dry then style as usual.