"Dreamy Days" - Deja Poo Poop Bag Holder

"Dreamy Days" - Deja Poo Poop Bag Holder

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Every time you take your pup for a walk things change - the smells, the path they take, their pace and even their extremity of excitement, but one thing stays the same and happens every single time you walk - Deja Poo!

Even though it's not the most enjoyable event on your walk, at least now you can do it with style and ease with our 'Deja Poo Waste Bags'.

Made from a high-quality neoprene material, with a thick subtly coloured zip and strong, luxurious rose-gold carabiner, they can be clipped onto our soft leads or even your belt! 

*Includes 1 roll of eco-friendly waste bags (15 bags in total) with additional available for purchase.