“Don’t Worry, Don't Hurry” No Pull - Adjustable Harness

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Is finding the perfect fit for your pup tricky? HERE’S THE SOLUTION! Our adjustable harnesses are fully adjustable around your dog’s neck and chest, meaning that this harness is perfect for a puppy who needs room to grow as well as perfect for all fully-grown dogs, no matter what their unique shape may be!

Our adjustable harnesses are also perfect for dogs who don’t like putting their head through a regular harness. As you are able to loosen the neck significantly when getting your pup ready, their head barely gets touched by the harness at all, meaning that they don’t experience any stress and walkies can go back to being only a joyous occasion.

This adjustable harness has a mesh-lining on the inside to keep your Aussie pup cool, gorgeous and strong rose-gold hardware and strong buckles to keep your pup safe and sound while out on walks. Click the sizing tab for size referencing.