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Hound and Soul



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printed neoprene harness with a breathable mesh lining, designed for style, comfort, and functionality. This harness is perfect for active dogs
Breathable Mesh Lining: The breathable mesh lining enhances airflow and ventilation, keeping your dog cool and comfortable, especially during hot weather or vigorous activities.

Quick Drying: The neoprene material used in the harness is quick-drying, allowing for easy maintenance and preventing the build-up of moisture.

Fully Adjustable Straps: The harness features adjustable polyester webbing neck and chest straps, providing a secure and customized fit for dogs of different sizes and shapes.

Four Point Lock Buckle: The harness is equipped with a four-point lock buckle, ensuring secure fastening and giving you peace of mind during walks or other activities.

Back Alloy D-Ring: The harness includes a back alloy D-ring, positioned for regular walking, providing a sturdy attachment point for a leash.

Please refer to our size guide button to determine the correct size for your dog, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

With our neoprene harness, your dog will not only look stylish but also experience maximum comfort and functionality during your walks or outdoor adventures.
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