Crossways Poop Bag

Crossways Poop Bag

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Dan & Sam Poop Bag Dispenser's are a must for not only convenience on walks with your pet, but to compliment your style and fashion. Their design features a snap handle to attach to any D ring, lead or bag. The zip close securely holds your bags, with a rubber opening at the centre to easily access a bag any time that you need it. Fits a standard poop bag roll with 1x20pc biodegradable poop bags included.

INSTRUCTIONS: The Dan & Sam Poo Bag Dispenser can be attached to any D ring, lead, bag or belt. To attach, snap close the handle around either the D ring or the handle of your lead. You can also attach your dispenser to your pets harness or your bag.

Please do not tug on the poo bag dispenser when walking your pet. This could lead it to break.

Your Dan & Sam Poo Bag Dispenser comes with one roll of our biodegradable poop bags included. To use, simply feed the end of the roll of bags through the rubber hole, pull out a bag and tear at the perforated edge.

WASHING: Dan & Sam recommends that you hand wash this item.

WARNING: These bags are a potential choking hazard, danger of suffocation when used incorrectly. Keep away from children and animals. Do not use as a toy.