Crocodile Feet (1 pce)

Crocodile Feet (1 pce)

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Did you know that crocodiles have the most powerful immune system in nature? For your pet, they are a powerhouse full of nutrition. 

Crocodiles have different skin to other reptiles; crocodile skin is a scale called scutes. The webbed feet of a crocodile are covered in small scutes. The scutes really give this chew some toughness, perfect for those teeth. 

Apart from the tough skin, the feet consist of meat, cartilage, tendon and a few very fine bones. 

- 100% Australian Crocodile feet (sourced directly from a human consumption Queensland crocodile processor) 

- Single-ingredient, no added hormones

- All-natural with no added hormones

- High in protein, Low in fat & Calories.