Blush Vegan Leather Dog Collar - Pearls

Blush Vegan Leather Dog Collar - Pearls

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Upgrade your pets’ style with stunning pearls embedded on vegan leather. Featuring buttery soft, vegan leather, high-quality silver finishes and covered in pearls, your pet is sure to love their new look.

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Small: 20-30cm

Medium: 30-40cm

Large: 40-55cm

Dan & Sam’s vegan leather range is made from 100% vegan leather, otherwise known as PU leather.  PU leather (polyurethane leather) is a thermoplastic polymer that is the imitation of real leather, with many added positives and benefits. By using vegan leather, they are able to create beautiful pastels and strong, intense colours. It is easy to clean, which, when it comes to animals, is a massive bonus as they tend to like to get messy. Generally, all mess is easy to wipe clean with a damp sponge. Their products feature buttery soft, vegan leather and high-quality finishes to complement the lovely and luxurious designs, upgrading your pets style in seconds.

Hardware Composition: Zinc alloy


Dan & Sam’s vegan leather is water resistant, but to maintain it’s quality we recommend wiping dry whenever it gets wet to prevent the hardware from rusting and premature wear. Clean using a damp cloth. Salt water may cause hardware to tarnish.