Beef Pizzle

Beef Pizzle

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Australian Beef Pizzle is an excellent chew that is suitable for any size dog but perfect for puppies and small dogs. A Super healthy treat that is highly palatable, easily digestible and contains absolutely no additives, chemicals, or preservatives.

Unfortunately, with pizzles, the one thing you can never guarantee is consistency in size, whether it be the length or the girth of the penis. The amount of work that goes into producing the pizzles is extreme & one of the most expensive products to make, due to the amount of labour time needed to create the quality finished product. Please be advised that all pizzles (penis) will never be the same size in girth or length. It does not happen in the animal kingdom, be it beef, sheep or human for that matter. When purchasing pizzles, DO NOT expect uniformed sized pizzles. But the one thing that is guaranteed is the quality. We sell by weight & not per piece as the variations in size make it very hard to sell them individually. Due to our manufacturing process of moisture extraction through refrigeration, sometimes we have to split them lengthways in half.

It is just about impossible for the band saw operator to cut every pizzle perfect as they are human and not robots, so there are variances. The band saw blades only cut straight; they cannot bend/turn to go around a corner. Some pizzles are bent, some are not! When you purchase our pizzles, you will get bent; you will get split, you will get some straighter than others. The one thing is, no matter how they look, your dogs aren’t going to complain as they all taste the same.

In the end, a pizzle is a pizzle which is a hard stick of muscle.

A Super healthy treat that is highly palatable, easily digestible and contains absolutely no additives, chemicals or preservatives. Chewing on this hard brown stick of muscle is great for helping maintain healthy gums, strong teeth and does a great job of cleaning your dog’s teeth. They do not stink, and they are way healthier than a pig’s ear which can be around 58% fat. Compare me to a kangaroo tendon YES, honestly your pup will love you even more as these are truly delicious.

Loyalty Pet Treats Nutrieseal™ process guarantees your dog a pure natural way to clean their teeth and massage the gums and keeping them strong & healthy. Our beef is Queensland bred and is free range grass fed.