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Banana and Yoghurt Buttons Dog Treats

TidBits dog training treats look and sound so delicious, weve considered having a nibble ourselves! Designed to be totally mouth-watering, these treats are excellent for training and encouraging good behaviour in your dog.

These scrumptious Banana and Yoghurt Buttons will give your dog a healthy dose of probiotics while also boosting their calcium and protein intake. The delicious taste is sure to entice your dog to learning new tricks, and lets them know how much you love them in the process.

  • Formulated to be extra tasty for training and reinforcement
  • Contains healthy probiotics
  • Boosts calcium and protein intake

Discover our delicious dog yoghurt buttons and explore our full range of treats!

Directions: These treats are designed for intermittent or supplementary feeding and do not constitute a complete and balanced diet. Always have fresh clean drinking water available.

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