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Chunker Scissors are the perfect choice for adding texture or a natural finish to your groom. Chunkers are great for tidying up wavy coats without upsetting the blent. Ideal for going over harsh full-bladed scissor work, they work well to remove clipper or scissor marks and add texture to a coat. Characterised by large T shaped teeth down one edge of the sheer, they allow hair to be pushed from the cutting blade for a much more natural and soft finish to the coat.

Perfect for ears, legs, underlines, around the head, softening the ears and tail and in the narrow details around the face and eyes, they are the best choice for heavy, curly coats for shaping curls quickly and evenly, or for dogs with double coats such as Shelties and Rough Collies. Because of their unique fish-tail shape too, Chunkers work well near the skin as the bottom of the shears simulate full-bladed scissors.

When combined with a comb as a guide, Chunkers help to create a constant, consistent length across an entire coat. 

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