4 Wheel Pet Stroller Pink

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There are plenty of reasons why a pet may be in need of a Pet Pram or Stroller - they might be old, sick, injured, recovering from surgery, or simply timid. Puppies can even struggle to walk long distances and owners might avoid letting them walk in areas that others dogs frequent, until they are fully vaccinated. Now you don't have to leave your pet at home, they can come out and enjoy the beautiful day. These Strollers are sturdy, safe, and comfortable to use for both your pet and you. Take your pet to shop, walk down the block, or go jogging. These Strollers feature mesh screens with zippers for easy access and breathability to protect your pet from insects and provide adequate ventilation. It's equipped with cup holders for refreshments, undercarriage for toy and snack storage. Not only does it improve your pet's health but also yours by promoting an active lifestyle. 

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  • Durable mesh net guarantees well air flow, visibility and keeps insects out.
  • This stroller folds into a compact stroller for easy transport and storage, saving you hassle on the go. 
  • Lightweight and strong steel frame construction 
  • Interior Tether