All puppies do require some level of grooming, and all puppies need to be checked regularly to ensure they are clean and healthy. Grooming involves taking care of your puppy's appearance and making sure they are clean - an important task, considering how mischievous puppies can be! Checking if your puppy needs grooming usually includes making sure your puppy's ears, nose and eyes are clean, that their fur in not matted and dirty, and that their paws are clean. There are many benefits of grooming your puppy like helping them maintain a healthy skin and coat, improves circulation and helps you notice and unusual lumps, bumps, parasites or scratches.

It's great to establish puppy grooming routines when your dog is still young and capable of learning new behaviour. Their size also makes them easier to control at this stage, so it's a good idea to get them used to bathing and grooming now. Imagine chasing a fully-grown wet dog as they run around the house, trying to escape the bath. 

A PUPPY TIDY service includes the following;

  • Face Tidy (Hygiene Clip) 
  • Sanitary Clean Up
  • Nails Cut and Buffed
  • Paws and Under Pads 
  • Warm Bath using Australian Petway Products 
  • Ears Cleaned 

We try to keep it sweet and simple for their first time and allow them to rest if they need to, so this service may take a little bit longer than recommended, discuss pick up times with your groomer on Check in. To book this service or to check that this service is the correct service for your puppy, call Monique on (07) 5444 6381 during salon hours.