Regular grooming not only keeps your dogs skin healthy but provides their coat with a protective barrier and the ability to receive sensory information.

Brushing and combing should be commonly practiced at home (a few minutes daily) as it will not only keep your dog's coat lovely but help form a bond between you and your dog. Make grooming a positive experience for you both by being relaxed and rewarding your dog's good behaviour with treats.

Included in our FULL GROOM service at Animal Affair Grooming:

  • Nails Cut & Buffed
  • Ears Plucked, Flushed & Cleaned
  • Warm Water Bath using Australian Petway Products
  • Bottom Gland External Excretion
  • Fluffed Died and Brushed by Hand
  • Designer Cologne
  • Paws and Under Pads 
  • Trim around Eyes & Fringe
  • Body Clipped
  • Scissored Finish

This process can take different amounts of times for each dog depending on size, coat condition and how your dog behaves while being groomed. Upon Check in we will discuss a suitable pick up time. To book this service or receive a quote, call Monique on (07) 5444 6381 during Salon hours.